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Kuraray Noritake

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Girl with a Pearly White Smile

Johannes Vermeer

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Gustav Klimt

Bridge Restoration with Esthetic Colorant

Claude Monet

Divine Product

Michelangelo Buonarotti

Dr. Lisa Gioconda

Leonardo da Vinci

No More Scream

Edward Munch

Starry Lab

Vincent van Gogh


Pablo Picasso

Dental Conference in Amsterdam, 1650

Rembrandt van Rijn

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The art of memories

The Italian Team


“Dear Nakatsuka san,

 It has been a pleasure to work with you during these years.

We would like to wish you all the best for you and your future career.

Greetings from Italy!”

The French Team


“Thank you for your support for several years, your understanding and approach to the market, this has allowed us to develop the business.

We always hope to have exchanges and discussion with you even from Japan, All our wishes of success!”

Adham Fawzy Elsayed


“Dear Kaz-san,

it was a great pleasure to work with you and learn about product developments from you! I wish you all the best in your career and private life with your family. Hopefully we will meet soon.

Maurice Bonn


“Dear Kaz,

Here we were in München, we just introduced YML and we decided in the difficult COVID times to execute a fully online symposium. We rented a full-fledged studio and camera crew, had several high-end KOL’s speaking.

From the moment we initiated you were very eager to say the first opening words and there you were. You looked smart and you gave a short speech that was brilliant and also to my amazement you found the camera every time.

Normally it takes some getting used too but you turned out to be a natural.

I found it a great display of how you as a leader and a team player take the stage.”

The Polish Team

Dear Kazumitsu,

With unwavering dedication and commitment, you have consistently brought forth your extensive knowledge and experience as a chemist, product developer, inventor, sales manager, and the esteemed head of KN Europe. Your tireless efforts have earned you the title of Boss, and for some: BIG Boss! 

Countless thanks for your contribution in the past years, and here’s to an abundance of energy and success in all the years that lie ahead!

Heinz Schuh

Dear Kaz,

During your secondment in Europe we faced several impacting challenges (MDR, EU AR, 3D Printing…).

It was a pleasure to tackle them in a joint and effective manner with you.

All the best and good luck in Japan…

…and please keep Germany in good memories (and forget the apartment issues 😉

Minka Mordas

I wish you all the best and it was always a pleasure to work with you!

I hope we will see each other again.

Beatrix Höhne

 “For the developers of Clearfill SE Bond, I always carry the bonding bottle with me. Thank you for the open communication and trustful cooperation. I wish you a good start in Japan and lots of energy for your new tasks.

Customer Services Team

Dear Kaz-san,

Time passes so quickly and now it’s time to say goodbye again.

I would especially like to mention the countless approvals, rebates and samples that you gave us every day. Thank you at this point for your enduring trust.

You showed a lot of trust in us, which we felt when we needed signatures. We would like to thank you for that.

We hope that we stay in your mind as a smart and motivated team and we hope that you enjoyed working with us and that you think back to us with pleasure.

Now, it only remains for us to wish you all the best for your future! Stay healthy.”

Patricia Derr

 “Dear Nakatsuka-san,

thank you very much for the pleasant cooperation!

I wish you all the best for your return to Japan, both personally and professionally! Lots of success and of course also fun with your new tasks. Above all, I wish you a great time back with your family.

I hope you have fond memories of your time in Germany and were able to experience beautiful places and moments in Germany.

I am already looking forward to a further cooperation!”

Paula Wehe-Najera

“Dear Kazumitsu,

Leaving your home country to start a new adventure is one of the bravest things a person can do. You have come to Germany to further support your company and while here, you have done a great job. I am very grateful for the time we got to work together. It has been a wonderful experience for me to get to know the Japanese culture and language through you.

 I wish you a wonderful return back home. I hope you enjoy your time with your friends and family.

Iván Fernández

“Thank you very much for your contribution in the dental business. It was a pleasure working with you. KEG will miss you. All the best in your new adventure!”

Sanchita Surnar

Dear Nakatsuka-san,

Even though my duration of working with you is not as long as others, in such a short time I got to discuss, understand and learn many topics from you.

I am very glad to have your support, help and valuable advice, many thanks for that.

All the very best on the new chapter of your career. I wish you a successful, happy, and healthy life ahead:-)

it is never too late

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  1. Magdalena Rutte

    Dear Kazumitsu-san, thank you for the opportunity to work in such a great company with so many inspiring people. I hope this website will be part of the nice memories you take back home with you!

  2. Matvej Šuldiakov

    Thank you everything! Good luck in your new assignment!!!

  3. Arthur Koster

    Dear Kaz,
    Thank you so much for the nice cooperation we had.
    Good luck with your new assignment.
    Best regards,

  4. Fabio

    Dear Kazumitsu let’s stay in contact. Thanks again for everything you did for us.

    I wish you all the best for your future !!!

  5. Ulker

    Dear Kazumitsu-san,

    Thank you for the great cooperation in recent years.
    I wish you good luck in your new assignment!

  6. Mustafa Alzemo

    Dear Kazumitsu-san,

    it was a real pleasure for me working with you. knwoing what have you done and the efforts you made for the company and the BU Medical espically, will motivate us always to give our best. i wish you and your family all the best.
    until next time

  7. Maki Kitamura


  8. Hans Baars

    Dear Kazumitsu-san,

    Thank you for everything.
    I wish you good luck in your new assignment!

  9. Claire Heslenfeld

    Dear Kazumitsu-san,

    Thank you very much for your supportive leadership. I wish you and your family all the best!

  10. Andrea Hollfoth

    Dear Nakatsuka-san,

    Thank you so much for the good cooperation and the trust you have placed in me and wish you all the very best for the future and much success in the new tasks and challenges that lie ahead.

  11. Nelly Jibia

    Dear Nakatsuka- San,

    Thank you for your continued support , understanding and good collaboration throughout the years.

    I wish nothing but the best for your next Challenge.

  12. Patrick Van Looy

    Dear Kazumitsu-san,

    Thank you for your huge contribution in the development of our products and thank you for guiding us during your leadership.
    I wish you all the best in your new assignment.

  13. Lisa-Maria Yalvac

    Dear Nakatsuka-san,

    many thanks for the great cooperation we had the last years.
    I wish you all the best and good luck for the future!

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